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 Standard Rules

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Lord Ryu
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Standard Rules Empty
PostSubject: Standard Rules   Standard Rules Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 6:37 pm

1) No flaming. (insulting a member)
2) No spamming (posting excessively in short messages)
3) If you're a troll, we'll probably just laugh at you. Then ban you.
4) Don't use "I'm new" as an excuse. Seriously, that is the worst excuse ever.
5) Do not double/triple/etc post. UNLESS you have an update for your Creative thread.
6) No excessive swearing. A little is fine, just not in excess. No censoring is a privilege, not a right.
7) Argue with a mod and you're likely to be banned. If you think a mod is being unfair, talk to an admin (aka me)
8) No asking to be promoted.
9) Please for the love of cinnamon rolls try to use proper grammar and spelling. PLEASE.
10) Do not bring cross-forum problems here. You will be banned.
11) Do not gravedig unless you have something on topic to say. A gravedig is about two months.

Signature Rules
1) No more then three images.
2) Keep it within reason. There is no set pixel limit, but please try to be reasonable about sig size.
3) Nothing offensive.
4) No XBAWKS HUEG text.

EDIT (technically, I shouldn't be doing this, but after a certain altercation LR and I witnessed today....):

Rules for Mods and Admins
1) THE GOLDEN RULE: Don't god-mod. Sure, it may help establish your rulership, but what'll it do to your reputation? (Hint: karma, people, KAR-MA!)
2) The Silver Rule: Whenever a spammer shows up report it (I say "it" since mostly they'll be spambots) to LR immediately!
3) The Bronze Rule: Don't mention Fight Club. (had to put something for a Bronze Rule. LR, if you're reading this and have an actual third rule, please put it here instead.)

Thank you.
-Joseph Staleknight

Last edited by Joseph Staleknight on Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:20 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added rules in the wake of a certain god-modder's recent activity.)
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Standard Rules
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